Oh baby baby, Oh baby baby

Just like the song baby showers are all about the baby, and mama to be. When creating the perfect baby shower not only is it important to have guests focused on the adorable baby clothes but also on making sure the mama to be is relaxed and can actually enjoy the bliss of being showered. With the help of our You'll be in my Heart collection, mama’s to be can actually enjoy the convenience of party planning and be able to actually focus on enjoying the other aspects of expecting, like the cute clothes and dreaming of their little toes. 

Here, @carrieellens was able to create the perfect shower with blue hues for the little man to be.


Not only is it all about the decor but also about the yummy food. At any party making sure that the food is enjoyable for all guests is crucial. They may not remember the music that was played but the food is something they will. 

Also, the atmosphere surrounding this mama to be has to be one of the most if not the most important aspect of a baby shower. This mama doesn’t need to be stressed she needs to feel blessed. So, creating a space that is not only relaxing for guests but also for the guest of honor can be done by adding soft lighting and these dreamy hot air balloons.  

There are so many important events in life and a baby shower is one of them. By making the process of planning a breeze allows you can actually enjoy and be more present during a party. The party leading up to a new baby is a memory to be cherished don’t let party planning overshadow these times. At Banner & Bow we strive to take the stress out of planning so that you can be more present and make more memories!

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