A Tropical Bachelorette Party by Demi Mummaw

Hey ya’ll it’s Martha well not Martha, but someone who tries really really hard to be her. I started my account, @that’smartha, at the beginning of this year after finding my passion for cooking, baking and hosting parties. I went from designing clothes to decorating cupcakes and I am loving every minute of it. As I started growing my company I became more passionate about hosting events and parties and I love to create an experience for people. 

My best friend is getting married in May and her sister came to me for ideas on her Bachelorette Party. I knew that she wanted something tropical, but I thought to myself how could I elevate this? I went from designing the invitation to help create a theme and a style for her party. At this time Banner and Bow hadn’t released any boxes yet, but I had discovered them through Instagram and fell in love with their page and the company’s concept. 

I’m like wow what a great idea to create boxes at an affordable price that set you up to host the best party ever. 


As her bachelorette theme grew into the concept of golden pineapples and peachy hues, I thought to myself wow the box from Banner & Bow would be so beyond perfect for this party! 



I reached out and said, “Hey I know this is last minute, but if I purchased your “Today I met the Boy I’m Going to Marry Box” would it get here by next week? And it did and it was beyond anything I could find myself.


It seriously came with everything you needed. The balloons were identical to my color choices which entailed 6 peach balloons, 6 rose gold balloons and 6 rose gold confetti balloons! A sash that was a gorgeous color with a Bride to Be balloon banner in rose gold. A golden banner that read “Pop the Champagne, she’s changing her name” was perfect for the event and the best part about it is the bride got shirts for us that said Bride Tribe which matched perfectly to the Temporary tattoos! Everything was placed perfectly in the box, the set-up was so easy..my only regret was not using it at the main location! I didn’t get a lot of great pics of it, however, I do know that that won’t be the last box I buy from them! 


Thank you for your great customer service and just creating an amazing box of goodies. :)

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